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Super Mega Baseball Review (Read Retro)   22nd December 2014 - 22:43

December may not be the ideal time for a baseball game, but Super Mega Baseball is a fine reminder of the classic games of the genre.

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The Best HDTVs   22nd December 2014 - 22:43

Whether you're gaming or watching a Blu-ray, these are the best TVs for the job.

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The Worst Of 2014: Broken Games, Broken Promises & Rambo   22nd December 2014 - 22:25

Pixel Gate UK writes: ''While 2014 has been a pretty solid year for video games, its also had its share of disappointments. Be it games that didnt live up to the hype, games that didnt work or even games that were barely finished, 2014 produced a few groans. The following is a list of games that fed into the worst parts of 2014, be it the quality of the game or a questionable business practice. From broken games to £30 demos, these are the worst of 2014.''

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3 Amazing 2014 Game Features that Need to Be Reused   22nd December 2014 - 22:25

Twinfinite says: "Among many great games released in 2014, there are some that included amazing and innovative features, which should be used in future games."

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Target & Toys R Us Canada Boxing Day 2014 Video Game Deals Revealed   22nd December 2014 - 22:24

Continuing our coverage of Canadian Boxing Day 2014 deals, we have compiled the offers from Target, Toys R Us, and The Source. - PSLS

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Crysis 3 - PC Digital Version Available Now On Amazon For Only $4   22nd December 2014 - 22:24

Amazon is currently offering one of the best looking PC games to date at only 4 bucks.

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Jurassic Park: Aftermath - New Screenshots Showing Off The Helicopter Park Area   22nd December 2014 - 22:24

DSOGaming writes: "Yesterday we shared with you a new set of shots from Jurassic Park: Aftermath. If you found them interesting enough, then you are in for a treat. The creator of Jurassic Park: Aftermath has released new images from his upcoming freeware project, showing off the games Helicopter area."

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Funk of Titans Announced For Xbox One   22nd December 2014 - 22:17

Hardcore Gamer: The Xbox Ones library is a bit lean on side-scrolling platformers, but thats about to change with Funk of Titans.

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Greek Grooves Funk of Titans Launch Trailer Revealed   22nd December 2014 - 22:09

Throw everything you know about Greek mythology by the wayside, gamers, because there is a new legend coming to town.

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Grab a PS4 at $329 Right Before the Holidays at Walmart   22nd December 2014 - 21:52


Grab a PS4 at $329 Right Before the Holidays at Walmart

With mere days left until Christmas and the holiday onslaught, Walmart has one special gift left for those that have yet to pick up a PlayStation 4 (or ...Read More

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